Ask PRN: How to script a PR or marketing video

Interesting thoughts on video creation, and makes a good point about people thinking they can wing it before wondering why they get no traction with it!

Beyond PR

Every Friday afternoon, we’ll answer a question we hear commonly from our customers about some aspect of public relations or marketing. 

Planning a family vacation?  It’s unlikely you’re just going to jump in the car or show up at the airport and literally wing it. Instead, you’re going to plan, pick your destination, make sure the kids are off from school, and book a hotel that has something for everyone in your clan.

Successful videos are similar in this regard. It’s essential to plan the trip you want your audience to take before jumping into a script— destination unknown.

Creating a good PR or marketing video campaign requires the same attention. It’s essential to plan the trip you want your audience to take before jumping into a script.

As a producer, I’m used to fast turnarounds where a client hands me his materials and  ideas and I whittle everything down…

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Big brand, big business

There is one brand that I and many others particularly love, and they are releasing their latest handset this year. Of course I am talking about Apple and their latest iPhone 5 which is rumoured to be launched on September 12th.

Not only do Apple create superb products, but they are so very good at engaging their target audience and making their products so desirable. Whether you are looking to convert to the latest handset for your first taste of Apple, or if you have owned multiple variations in the past the appetite huge.


Apple has topped the annual BrandZ list of the world’s most popular brands, which is produced by an arm of the advertising giant WPP. It values the brand at $182.95 billion which is staggering. But what is it that makes the Apple brand and product so unique? Granted they make exceptional quality items, but they do so much more than that in creating a certain unique feeling around their brand that others can’t copy. For example arguably Samsung’s technology is equally as impressive when it comes to handsets, but I don’t feel they quite have the wow factor that Apple has created.

Over the years Apple have concentrated on fine details so when you make the purchase you are not only getting the product, you are almost buying into their lifestyle and what it stands for. The brand stands for something modern, something cutting edge, something cool and something impressive. They have absolute brand consistency from their product, website, store to their key messaging. For example if you walked into an Apple store that was stripped of it’s products, the chances are you would be able to tell what it was by the lighting, design and layout of the store. All of these things impact on us on a much deeper level drawing us into the brand.

Will this love affair with Apple last? Will there become a time when Apple saturate the market so much they simply become uncool? It’s hard to say, but you can be damn sure Nokia & co will be looking to burst their aura sooner or later.

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Silly season reduced to a smaller window in 2012

The German is Sommerloch (“summer [news]hole”), French is la morte-saison (“the dead season” or “the dull season”), Swedish nyhetstorka (“news drought”), and in the UK it’s known as silly season!

‘Silly Season’ is usually that time of year when news stories become sparse and the more unusual stories fill the public domain. With kids away on holiday and members of Parliament with their out of office’s on the summer tends to wind down which leaves room for slightly different stories to be polite.

However 2012 has proved slightly different this year. With the Euros, Jubilee, Olympics, Paralympics & Prince Harry it’s been a bumper packed summer with plenty of news and stories to fill papers, websites and airtime. Where normally you would have a dip in news which PR & Comms professionals would look top take advantage of to get exposure in the media, this year that window has been significantly reduced.

The UK has been caught up in such a mammoth year of activity while has rolled from one event to another, there has been content galore to sift through for journalists and news providers. The window which would normally last for the tail end of the summer was reduced into almost a 2 week gap in-between the Olympics & Paralympics. It has been much harder for industry professionals to push through the volume of information which has dominated the year leaving us with less light hearted stories than usual!

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Berbatov’s chance to shine…

Transfer deadline day is often more exciting than the first few rounds of fixtures in the Premier League and this one didn’t disappoint. Having left Manchester and avoiding flights to Italy Dimitar Berbatov landed in south west London signing for Fulham FC. The deal was worth £5 million and will see the Bulgarian ply his trade under the guidance of Martin Jol again.

Dimitar is undoubtedly one of the most naturally gifted players in the game, which is no doubt why he causes so much frustration. Despite the fact he ended the 2010-11 season as the Premier League’s joint-top scorer with 20 goals – including a memorable hat-trick against Liverpool he never fulfilled his promise at Old Trafford. No doubt Martin Jol will be looking to inspire the striker and encourage him to hit those heady heights that persuaded Alex Ferguson to part with around £30 million a few years ago.

Today’s fixture of West Ham Vs Fulham was a chance for 2 big strikers to try and regain past form, and to prove to the nation and world that they really were worth the best part of £60 million between them. Sadly despite Berbatov making his debut for Fulham today off the bench he was unable to inspire the team to score any goals as they ended up losing to Big Sam’s West Ham 3-0. I’m sure fans are hoping he find his feet and lives up to past reputation by scoring at home games in their next match against the surprisingly high flying West Bromwich Albion on Sat 15th September at Craven Cottage.

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Top 5 viral videos from the Olympics

I know this is a bit late, but with the Paralympics starting I’m feeling back in the Olympic spirit and I’ve missed it! So to rekindle the fantastic feeling that surrounded the event, here is my top 5 viral videos.

There is a real range from Boris delivering his Olympic message to the Adidas athletes and their team GB song. Although not at the top of the list, the stadium singing along with All you need is love for me really sums up the spirit that was around London for the duration of the games. However top of the pile if the Official London 2012 Olympic film which is a fantastic video. It’s one that just makes you feel good and proud to have witnessed what we did!


1)  The Official London 2012 Olympics Film

2)  Don’t Stop Me Now, by Team GB

3)  Boris Johnson’s Olympic Welcome

4)  Olympic Stadium Sings “All you need is love”

5)  Call Me Maybe, by USA Olympic Swimming Team

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A window of opportunity for brands?

Pretty lazy I know, but here is a blog I wrote for TNR on brands and gaining a new way to broadcast content.


One of the areas that particularly interests me is online video and the capacity of the internet to change how we consume media. Something that is very much in its infancy, but with the potential to change the way brands engage with people is Internet Television or Smart TV’s.


Manufacturers are continuing to developing TV sets that can be connected directly to the internet. It is providing the audience with another way to instantly access HD TV programmes, movies or other video platforms like YouTube.


This is an area that programme and content producers are starting to react to by creating content that can be viewed as an alternative to what we deem standard broadcast programming. The modern capability and widespread accessibility of the internet is allowing us as consumers more choice than ever when it comes to viewing content in our homes. In regard to films, this is already the case, with the success of companies like NetflixApple & Lovefilm proving the concept is popular.


This is a significantly interesting move for brands as they can become content producers themselves. It gives them the opportunity to have their brand on the big screen in people’s homes, without it necessarily needing a traditional editorial value. There is a lot of scope for brands to be creating new content that help to engage and entertain their audience in their own homes – potentially with their own channels.


Will this content resonate more with audiences when they are viewing it on television, or will TV just be seen as another platform for viewing content like a tablet? Either way it is reinforcing the growing need and demand for video, and is opening a door for brands to become content producers themselves.


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Why people really hate Samantha Brick

Originally when I started my blog, I was somewhat apprehensive about finding this to write about. However with the world being as it is, I have been provided with a slight controversy caused by a Daily Mail journalist Samantha Brick.

I hadn’t read her article, but over heard an interview with her on ITV’s This Morning and found the whole thing very amusing. Firstly I was surprised at how badly she was coming across on the show. She had most likely gone on the show to try and clear her name and attempt to stem the tide of abuse that was now pouring through her inbox, answer phone and Twitter account. However the trio that confronted her had other ideas.

I am astonished that she refused to backtrack completely, but also in a strange sense the way she stuck to her original point was admiral. She seems convinced that women fail to like her because she is beautiful and therefore threatening to them.

“women hate me for no other reason than my lovely looks”

This type of filamentary comment insults both sex’s and gets their back up. Firstly it implies that women are a highly jealous bunch, who immediately dislike her due to the fact she is attractive (her opinion not mine). It also implies that she is more attractive than most women, something that she freely admits.

I also take offense to this from a male perspective. It implies that we are all superficial & weak as we buckle and cater to her every whim just because she is attractive (again her claim not mine). Obviously this may be true of us when we are teenagers, but it is something we try and grow out of.

“Over the years I’ve dropped by countless friends who felt threatened if I was merely in presence of their other halves”

I find it hard to believe sometimes that people can be so short sighted in life. I believe the backlash has come not because she is “attractive”, but because people don’t like being told what to think. She has also come across as rude, arrogant and living in a fairy land. The negative feedback has been more down to her personality and the aura she gives off rather than her looks. There are plenty of attractive people in the world who are loved, not only because of their looks, but because they are nice people. This is an area of attractiveness that dear old Samantha has overlooked. Sadly for her, there is more to being attractive than simply being pleasing on the eye.

“While I’ve been shocked and hurt by the global condemnation, I have just this to say: my detractors have simply proved my point. Their level of anger only underlines that no one in this world is more reviled than a pretty woman.”

I was originally aware of this story when I over heard it on television. I was working at the time and keeping an ear out and was unable to see the screen. Before I even had the slightest idea of what Samantha looked like I was firmly of the opinion that she was a complete c*ck without having to lay eyes on her.

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