Why people really hate Samantha Brick

Originally when I started my blog, I was somewhat apprehensive about finding this to write about. However with the world being as it is, I have been provided with a slight controversy caused by a Daily Mail journalist Samantha Brick.

I hadn’t read her article, but over heard an interview with her on ITV’s This Morning and found the whole thing very amusing. Firstly I was surprised at how badly she was coming across on the show. She had most likely gone on the show to try and clear her name and attempt to stem the tide of abuse that was now pouring through her inbox, answer phone and Twitter account. However the trio that confronted her had other ideas.

I am astonished that she refused to backtrack completely, but also in a strange sense the way she stuck to her original point was admiral. She seems convinced that women fail to like her because she is beautiful and therefore threatening to them.

“women hate me for no other reason than my lovely looks”

This type of filamentary comment insults both sex’s and gets their back up. Firstly it implies that women are a highly jealous bunch, who immediately dislike her due to the fact she is attractive (her opinion not mine). It also implies that she is more attractive than most women, something that she freely admits.

I also take offense to this from a male perspective. It implies that we are all superficial & weak as we buckle and cater to her every whim just because she is attractive (again her claim not mine). Obviously this may be true of us when we are teenagers, but it is something we try and grow out of.

“Over the years I’ve dropped by countless friends who felt threatened if I was merely in presence of their other halves”

I find it hard to believe sometimes that people can be so short sighted in life. I believe the backlash has come not because she is “attractive”, but because people don’t like being told what to think. She has also come across as rude, arrogant and living in a fairy land. The negative feedback has been more down to her personality and the aura she gives off rather than her looks. There are plenty of attractive people in the world who are loved, not only because of their looks, but because they are nice people. This is an area of attractiveness that dear old Samantha has overlooked. Sadly for her, there is more to being attractive than simply being pleasing on the eye.

“While I’ve been shocked and hurt by the global condemnation, I have just this to say: my detractors have simply proved my point. Their level of anger only underlines that no one in this world is more reviled than a pretty woman.”

I was originally aware of this story when I over heard it on television. I was working at the time and keeping an ear out and was unable to see the screen. Before I even had the slightest idea of what Samantha looked like I was firmly of the opinion that she was a complete c*ck without having to lay eyes on her.

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