A window of opportunity for brands?

Pretty lazy I know, but here is a blog I wrote for TNR on brands and gaining a new way to broadcast content.


One of the areas that particularly interests me is online video and the capacity of the internet to change how we consume media. Something that is very much in its infancy, but with the potential to change the way brands engage with people is Internet Television or Smart TV’s.


Manufacturers are continuing to developing TV sets that can be connected directly to the internet. It is providing the audience with another way to instantly access HD TV programmes, movies or other video platforms like YouTube.


This is an area that programme and content producers are starting to react to by creating content that can be viewed as an alternative to what we deem standard broadcast programming. The modern capability and widespread accessibility of the internet is allowing us as consumers more choice than ever when it comes to viewing content in our homes. In regard to films, this is already the case, with the success of companies like NetflixApple & Lovefilm proving the concept is popular.


This is a significantly interesting move for brands as they can become content producers themselves. It gives them the opportunity to have their brand on the big screen in people’s homes, without it necessarily needing a traditional editorial value. There is a lot of scope for brands to be creating new content that help to engage and entertain their audience in their own homes – potentially with their own channels.


Will this content resonate more with audiences when they are viewing it on television, or will TV just be seen as another platform for viewing content like a tablet? Either way it is reinforcing the growing need and demand for video, and is opening a door for brands to become content producers themselves.


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