Silly season reduced to a smaller window in 2012

The German is Sommerloch (“summer [news]hole”), French is la morte-saison (“the dead season” or “the dull season”), Swedish nyhetstorka (“news drought”), and in the UK it’s known as silly season!

‘Silly Season’ is usually that time of year when news stories become sparse and the more unusual stories fill the public domain. With kids away on holiday and members of Parliament with their out of office’s on the summer tends to wind down which leaves room for slightly different stories to be polite.

However 2012 has proved slightly different this year. With the Euros, Jubilee, Olympics, Paralympics & Prince Harry it’s been a bumper packed summer with plenty of news and stories to fill papers, websites and airtime. Where normally you would have a dip in news which PR & Comms professionals would look top take advantage of to get exposure in the media, this year that window has been significantly reduced.

The UK has been caught up in such a mammoth year of activity while has rolled from one event to another, there has been content galore to sift through for journalists and news providers. The window which would normally last for the tail end of the summer was reduced into almost a 2 week gap in-between the Olympics & Paralympics. It has been much harder for industry professionals to push through the volume of information which has dominated the year leaving us with less light hearted stories than usual!

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