Big brand, big business

There is one brand that I and many others particularly love, and they are releasing their latest handset this year. Of course I am talking about Apple and their latest iPhone 5 which is rumoured to be launched on September 12th.

Not only do Apple create superb products, but they are so very good at engaging their target audience and making their products so desirable. Whether you are looking to convert to the latest handset for your first taste of Apple, or if you have owned multiple variations in the past the appetite huge.


Apple has topped the annual BrandZ list of the world’s most popular brands, which is produced by an arm of the advertising giant WPP. It values the brand at $182.95 billion which is staggering. But what is it that makes the Apple brand and product so unique? Granted they make exceptional quality items, but they do so much more than that in creating a certain unique feeling around their brand that others can’t copy. For example arguably Samsung’s technology is equally as impressive when it comes to handsets, but I don’t feel they quite have the wow factor that Apple has created.

Over the years Apple have concentrated on fine details so when you make the purchase you are not only getting the product, you are almost buying into their lifestyle and what it stands for. The brand stands for something modern, something cutting edge, something cool and something impressive. They have absolute brand consistency from their product, website, store to their key messaging. For example if you walked into an Apple store that was stripped of it’s products, the chances are you would be able to tell what it was by the lighting, design and layout of the store. All of these things impact on us on a much deeper level drawing us into the brand.

Will this love affair with Apple last? Will there become a time when Apple saturate the market so much they simply become uncool? It’s hard to say, but you can be damn sure Nokia & co will be looking to burst their aura sooner or later.

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