Top 5 viral videos from the Olympics

I know this is a bit late, but with the Paralympics starting I’m feeling back in the Olympic spirit and I’ve missed it! So to rekindle the fantastic feeling that surrounded the event, here is my top 5 viral videos.

There is a real range from Boris delivering his Olympic message to the Adidas athletes and their team GB song. Although not at the top of the list, the stadium singing along with All you need is love for me really sums up the spirit that was around London for the duration of the games. However top of the pile if the Official London 2012 Olympic film which is a fantastic video. It’s one that just makes you feel good and proud to have witnessed what we did!


1)  The Official London 2012 Olympics Film

2)  Don’t Stop Me Now, by Team GB

3)  Boris Johnson’s Olympic Welcome

4)  Olympic Stadium Sings “All you need is love”

5)  Call Me Maybe, by USA Olympic Swimming Team

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