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Ask PRN: How to script a PR or marketing video

Originally posted on Beyond PR:
Every Friday afternoon, we’ll answer a question we hear commonly from our customers about some aspect of public relations or marketing.  Planning a family vacation?  It’s unlikely you’re just going to jump in the car…

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Big brand, big business

There is one brand that I and many others particularly love, and they are releasing their latest handset this year. Of course I am talking about Apple and their latest iPhone 5 which is rumoured to be launched on September 12th. Not … Continue reading

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Silly season reduced to a smaller window in 2012

The German is Sommerloch (“summer [news]hole”), French is la morte-saison (“the dead season” or “the dull season”), Swedish nyhetstorka (“news drought”), and in the UK it’s known as silly season! ‘Silly Season’ is usually that time of year when news … Continue reading

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Berbatov’s chance to shine…

Transfer deadline day is often more exciting than the first few rounds of fixtures in the Premier League and this one didn’t disappoint. Having left Manchester and avoiding flights to Italy Dimitar Berbatov landed in south west London signing for … Continue reading

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Top 5 viral videos from the Olympics

I know this is a bit late, but with the Paralympics starting I’m feeling back in the Olympic spirit and I’ve missed it! So to rekindle the fantastic feeling that surrounded the event, here is my top 5 viral videos. … Continue reading

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A window of opportunity for brands?

Pretty lazy I know, but here is a blog I wrote for TNR on brands and gaining a new way to broadcast content.   One of the areas that particularly interests me is online video and the capacity of the … Continue reading

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Why people really hate Samantha Brick

Originally when I started my blog, I was somewhat apprehensive about finding this to write about. However with the world being as it is, I have been provided with a slight controversy caused by a Daily Mail journalist Samantha Brick. … Continue reading

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